Amendamentele Mitropolitului Ierotheos Vlachos nu au trecut. Primul document sinodal a fost semnat in unanimitate la Sinodul gresit spus Panortodox

Primul document sinodal a fost semnat in unanimitate la SinodInformatia se pare insa ca nu este autentica. Vom reveni cu amanunte cand vom avea o declaratie oficiala. Aceasta informatie am preluat-o de pe

Documentul, ce contine abateri dogmatice, și conceput de Mitropolitul Ioanis Zizioulas, a trecut in UNANIMITATE!! Ce a facut Arhiep. Ieronim, capul Bisericii Greciei? Și-a trădat Biserica?

According to Metropolitan Ignatius of Demetrias and Almyros, the first of six texts up for discussion, “The Mission of the Orthodox Church in Today’s World” was unanimously approved at the afternoon session on Monday, June 20 of the council on Crete, reports

The text is the result of the fifth pan-Orthodox pre-conciliar conference held in Chambesy, Switzerland in October 2015 and was signed by the primates of all Local Churches, except for that of Antioch, at the meeting in January 2016.

The text, largely bearing the stamp of Met. John (Zizioulas) of Pergamon, was passed unanimously with minor changes. The amendments proposed by Met. Hierotheos (Vlachos) in a letter to the Church of Greece on March 5, 2016 were rejected.

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